Crystal Cake Stand- Round Laser Etched Plate 16"x4.25"High #20233

Round crystal cake stand with etched top plate
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Item No: 20233

Exquisite round crystal stand with laser etched top plate. It has four faceted crystal legs and crystal beads with pendants.  Use for cakes, appetizers, desserts or cupcakes.  Or as a riser for floral arrangements or accents.  Perfect for weddings and events.

  • Product Size   : 16" Diameter  4.25" High
  • Hanging Bead Drops : 24 pieces
  • Inner Pack      : 1 Piece
  • Master carton : 1 Piece
  • Carton Size     : 21"x21"x7"
  • Carton weight : 12 lbs. 

     Actual size and weight of product and carton may vary slightly.