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Hurricane shades

Replacement Glass shades (hurricanes) for candelabras and candle holders. Fire departments in all major US cities require burning candles must be surrounded by glass shades, in public venues.

 All our shades are divided in 4 catagories, according to the fitter size. Fitter is the bottom staright end of shade that goes inside candle-holder/candelara cup(recepticle).

  •  Small fitter is =1.625" dia x 1" long 
  •  Medium fitter is =2.25" dia x 1" long 
  •  Large fitter is = 3" dia x 1" long 
  •  Other fitter is = larger than 3" dia    
  •  Sizes may very slightly for different shades 
  • Recepticle-cup must be 2mm larger than above fitter sizes.

Please make sure you know the fitter size, before you order the shade.